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How to pick the right paint color for your walls

Are you tired of choosing the wrong color for your interior walls?

You have pinned the perfect room color, tried to match it at home improvement stores with no avail? If you're looking to collaborate with a color professional with your dilemma, you have come to the right place.  

You see, most likely that perfect magazine photo that you have saved has been Photoshopped to look more brighter using filters to enhance it for magazine publication.  There are more variables like the additional lighting used by the photographer to capture every detail in the room.  Then, there is also the reflective effects of the flooring, ceiling, furnishings in the home itself, not to mention the natural and artificial lighting all affect the outcome.  

I have the knowledge and tools to help you pick the right color/s for your dream home.  I always use Benjamin-Moore Paints, its my go to brand and I also like to use Sherwin-Williams Paints. They not only have excellent colors to choose from, but will stand the test of time beautifully.  In the next couple of weeks, I will be posting here how to pick the right paint colors and my go to white paints from both of these brands, so stop by and check back often.  Or you can subscribe to receive my latest blog post. 

See you then,  

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New Affordable Luxe Interior Decorating and Online eDecorating for the home

New Website, New Look! 



Welcome to the new White Linen Interiors site.  This is where I will be posting my blog content news and project updates as this will be easier for my readers and future and present clients to get the latest  design trends, color stories, art plus luxe home decor all in one site.  Also, I'll be posting on my wordpress blog for the next couple of months, until then this will the best place to stay connected, so stay awhile, explore the new site, and if you have any questions please send me a note. Thank you for your support!