Frequently Asked Questions


How much does an Interior Decorator cost?

This depends of the level of experience and how much will the decorator be involved in the design and process. Most of general rule, expect the design cost to be at 10% - 20 of the decorating budget. If we project manage the whole decorating project the 10%- 20 % towards the project . If however, as consulting role more than hands on project management, the fees incur under the 10% mark depending of the scope of work, or flat fee package.

What is the benefit of hiring a Certified Interior Decorator? 

As Certified Interior Decorator, Ana Then is recognized as an expert in the trade.  Certified interior decorators are set apart as educated and proven professionals with earned credentials. Whether you need a little or a lot, the advice and guidance of an Interior Decorator is invaluable.  

There are many reasons why hiring an Interior Decorator can benefit you in your decorating projects. Hiring a professional Interior Decorator can:

  • Save you Money

  • Save you Time

  • Provide Professional guidance and assessment

  • Provide Expert budgeting and Planning

  • Collaborative Liaison

  • Provide qualified Resources

  • Provide qualified Contacts

  • Get an expert Decorator's (eye) Perspective

  • Home value and Resale

  • We are visual Story Tellers

So, What is the difference between an Interior Decorator and Interior Designer?

Credentialed Interior decorators are certified by  Certified Interior Decorators International(C.I.D.). A Certified Interior Decorator (C.I.D.) must complete training by a C.I.D. approved educational program. They are not required to have a college degree.  C.I.D. members may also be required to maintain a local occupational license as an interior decorator on a county level only and tax resale certificate on the state level. 

A college major in Interior Design is necessary for a person to become an interior designer. However, due to licensing laws in various states, many interior designers are without formal interior design education. There are many do-it-yourselfers or self-appointed decorators and designers flooding the marketplace. The consumer must look for two things: first, certification and second, professional affiliation. Interior Designers are certified by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) and usually maintain a membership in the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) or the International Interior Design Association (IIDA). 

Can an Interior Decorator provide the same services as an Interior Designer?

A Certified Interior Decorator provides full service interior decoration who can give advice as paid consultants and prepare furniture floor plans showing the client placement of all furnishings. C.I.D. decorators provide assistance in the selection of furniture, accessories, lamps, lighting fixtures, plants, pots, pictures, custom picture framing, area rugs, carpet, flooring, window treatments, wall coverings and patio furnishings. C.I.D. decorators can also provide new themes and decorations, new furnishings and re-upholstery work for residential and business projects, yachts, restaurants, hotels, motels and other hospitality plans. C.I.D. decorators are trained experts at furniture placement, re-arranging, decorating, re-decorating and preparing a home for resale.

What is White Linen Interiors fees structure?

Our design fees structure is based on flat fee, then hourly if additional design help is needed. We provide block of hours packages to purchase on our site. Before the design process begins, we will give you an estimated cost based on the scope of work desired.

What does design fees include?

White Linen Interiors consulting decorating fees include a plan of action for your space based on your budget and scope of work and services.

  • Color Specification of interior and exterior finishes.

  • Furniture layout, pace planning.

  • Budget planning.

  • Upgrade Renderings digital or hand-drawn.

  • Research material and specification of furnishings, art, lighting, drapery, decor and soft goods, etc.

  • Custom drapery upon request.

  • Custom Furniture upon request.

  • Conceptual drawings and renderings.

  • Client meetings and site visits.

What does project management fees include?

  • Scheduling qualified and skilled trades for your project

  • Coordinating installation of trades and site visits.

  • Overall project management and installation