Decorating with Flowers | A Video Series

Photo Styling Video: Peony Flowers

It’s that time of the year again for..... oh yeah peony season! I loooove Peonies!! Every year, I eagerly await the peony flower to hit the garden market. They are in full bloom from mid May to early June.

This past weekend I bought a bunch from my local farmers market. I like to support my local farmer's market whenever I can. :0) 

Good To Know: Care and Arranging Peony Flowers

  • Select half opened blooms, they’ll last longer.

  • Cut the flowers early in the morning.

  • If the heads are heavy with dew, gently shake to remove water.

  • Handfuls of peonies in a vase make a beautiful arrangement.

  • Remove foliage below water line to prevent bacteria build up

  • Keep flowers away from heat and direct light.

Reference by: P Allen Smith

Back to decorating with flowers and a video series.  If you follow me on insta, you may already know that I love to decorate with fresh flowers.  And another passion of mine is photo styling them.  So, because the life of these beauties are short, I have decided to prolonge their life by creating short videos and how I like to decorate and style them. I'll add simple tips as well. I hope these little videos of mine inspire you to decorate with fresh flowers. If you like to see more of these videos post your comments below. Enjoy!! 

xo Ana 


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