Rendering Service - Hand-Drawn Package (Prices Varies)


Rendering Service - Hand-Drawn Package (Prices Varies)

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Drawing Services

Ana is available on an hourly basis for hand drawn renderings for Designers, Decorators, Stagers, Event Planners and trade.  Hand drawn renderings from small vignettes, to full room views and exteriors. Ana will help bring your designs to life. 

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How It Works

A Three Step Process

All renderings begin with a pencil sketch. Once approved, a second sketch is done in ink, setting the overall design ready for color, bringing your design to life! 

We have implemented on our site a simple convenient form for you to fill out. You will receive a quote based on your rendering needs via email. All correspondence will be done by email. Please complete the Quote form, then return here to purchase service.

Once we receive the completed form, you will get a link to sign a Letter of Agreement and rendeing purchase link. Then the rendeing process begins, starting in with a pencil sketch. We will continue to the next step after both parties are in agreement. Ink and color will be added next. If you need any changes after the final drawing has been colored, an additional charge will be needed. Credit card payments via our site are accepted and the turnout time is 1-2 weeks. 

Rendering Options:

  • Room Vignettes

  • Full Rooms 

  • Exterior Views 

  • Show House Rendering 

What we need to begin:

  • Your designed room and/or spaces 

  • Before photos of space, and a picture of the view you'd liked rendered.

  • The floor plan, including measurements and furniture layout and any digital renderings if available. 

  • Architectural details for wall, ceilings and so on.

  • Wall color or covering treatment.

  • Flooring, including material specs, pattern design for wood and tile.

  • Lighting, including floor, table and ceiling.

  • Furnishings including fabric and wood finish.

  • A photo collage of swatches or layout view.

  • How you'd like the styling, decor, etc.

  • Any inspiring images.

  • Include vendor links to products.

  • Date needed by. 

Once we receive all the listed items the rending process will begin. 


Getting Started

All renderings begin with a pencil sketch. We will continue to the next step after both parties are in agreement.


Detailed In Ink

The composition, and ink draws the eye to the details of each rendering laying the foundation for color.


Designs Come To Life In Color